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[Complimentary Property Wealth Consultation for Parents & Investors)

Discover The Science Behind How We Helped Parents & Civil Servants Make The Right Property Decision To Achieve Multiple Six & Seven Figure Savings & Future-Proof Your Family With Our 5-Step Financial Prudence Framework

…Without Speculation, Reading Complicated Charts or Sacrificing Your Current Lifestyle

Based on the latest Singapore Government's National Policies

How We Helped Busy Professionals & Civil Servants To Go From $0 To 6 & 7-Figure Savings In 3-5 Years With Our 5-Step Financial Prudence Framework

…Without High Income, Risky Speculation or Sacrificing Your Current Lifestyle Even If You Start With A Single HDB or Condo

We're on a mission

To Empower 10,000 Families In Singapore Build a 6 & 7-Figure Savings Fund, Live Meaningful Lives & Become Givers To The Society by 2023

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Here's what you'll discover

  • Outlook 2022 Of The Real Estate Market

  • Are there still opportunities in the current market & what exactly to do next

  • How do we safely take advantage of the property cycle to maximize your capital returns & crisis-proof your family

  • How to systematically create a 6 & 7-figure savings in even if you start from $0 without a high income or speculation


Growing up, I was a victim of a series of bad property decisions that led my family of 7 to be renting for years, the financial stress tore my family apart & I left home at 17 years old

Today, by the grace of God, I'm a Certified Property Advisor & Trainer in PropNex, Singapore's largest listed real estate agency and recognized as the top 1% within the agency.

I've trained more than 8,000 Real Estate Professionals and advised over 1317+ families over the last 12 years.

I'm also an author & property investor, having started from zero to achieving significant returns from my property selections. I made the same mistakes so you don't have to

Today I'm happily married to my loving husband, mummy to a beautiful boy & living life on my terms, no longer worrying about my finances regardless of the market conditions

No Sales, Pure Education

Most property educators are giving outdated financial advice... that don't prepare you to future-proof your family

As a busy working professional & (soon-to-be) retiree, you'll want to understand how to let your savings work hard for you NOW and EXACTLY what to do next with your current property...

and most importantly it has to aligned with our Singapore Government's National Policies

Many Singaporeans only depend on a single income stream without concrete plans for the new normal.

Right now, I’m on a mission to help the average hardworking Singaporean create a crisis-proof additional stream of income that prepares your family to escape from the rat race & be self-sufficient in the new normal

YES! I'm Ready To Get Research-Based Advice For My Property Decisions

In line with Singapore Government's latest national housing policies

Do NOT Put Your Property At Risk

Get Research-Based Expert Advice For Your Property Decision

Get Research-Based Advice For My Property Decision

In line with our Singapore Government's latest national housing policies

Faith, Family, Finance

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