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How To Retire From The Rat Race 10-15 Years Earlier Through The Property Market With Our Proven 5-Step Financial Prudence Framework Used By My High Net Worth Clients

How To Retire 10-15 Years Earlier Through The Property Market, Escape The Rat Race & Live Life On Your Own Terms With Our Proven 5-Step Financial Prudence Framework Used By My High Net Worth Clients

…Even If You Start With A Single HDB or Condo Without High Income, Reading Complicated Charts or Sacrificing Your Current Lifestyle


Hey, my name is Megan

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Growing up, I was a victim of a series of bad property decisions that led my family of 7 to be renting for years, the financial stress tore my family apart & I left home at 17 years old

Today I'm a Certified Real Estate Educator & Consultant from PropNex, Singapore's largest listed real estate agency and recognized as the top 1% within the agency.

I've trained more than 8,000 Real Estate Professionals and advised over 1317+ families over the last 12 years.

I'm also an author & property investor, having started from zero to achieving 6-figure returns from my property selections. I made the same mistakes so you don't have to

Today I'm happily marred to a loving husband & living life on my terms, no longer worrying about finances.

I used to charge my high net-worth clients

$1200 per hour for a 1 on 1 consultation.

Now you can apply for a chance to get it FREE

with my team of Financial Educators

Many Singaporeans only depend on a single income stream without concrete plans for the new normal.

Right now, I’m on a mission to help the average hardworking Singaporean create a crisis-proof additional stream of income that prepares your family to escape from the rat race & be self-sufficient in the new normal

Most property educators are giving outdated financial advice... that don't prepare you with a step-by-step plan to escape the rat race.

As a busy working professional, you'll want to understand how to let your savings work hard for you NOW and EXACTLY what to do next...

I've simplified my Proven 5-step Financial Prudence Framework that will shortcut the average hardworking Singaporean's learning curve with the Right steps to select the right property & turn your existing property into an additional Income stream so you can predictably escape the rat race 10-15 years earlier



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